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Chiefly made up of musicians based in the Los Angeles area who came together over 13 years ago, L.A.6 continues to evolve their very unique sound, performing contemporary straight-ahead jazz filled with wonderfully creative solos riding tight ensemble playing. Exemplifies the current state of West Coast jazz by retaining the rich small ensemble arranging style developed in California during the 1950s, coupled with a contemporary approach to small group playing. L.A.6 carries on the relaxed tradition of West Coast jazz in a contemporary setting, while bringing in some more intense elements of hard-bop such as played by Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers or Wayne Shorter. The tunes are an interesting mix of standards and original jazz compositions by members of the band. Rich Eames and Tom Peterson provide the majority of actual arrangements, with Clay Jenkins and Dick Weller each individually contributing an arrangement themselves.

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